Агрокомбинат "Ждановичи" - Свежий урожай с родных полей

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About Us

More than 50 years
We provide food
national security
To build - is our main mission

"Agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" is a state agricultural Minsk regional unitary enterprise under the jurisdiction of the agriculture department of the Executive Committee of the Minsk region. Parent body of public administration is Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

«The welfare of the people is the aim of the society as a whole and every individual in particular». This objective set by the Head of the State predetermines the development strategy of the agricultural complex which includes modernization of the existing production facilities and building new increasing their quality, as well as expanding the product markets. The production development spheres of the agricultural complex are identified in accordance with the areas important to the State.

Being Constructive is Our Major Mission. More specifically:

  • Meeting the requirement of industrial state security.
  • Developing the social sphere in Minsk region rural areas.
  • Replenishing the government budget with tax payments.
  • Contributing to the welfare of the employees and district dwellers.
  • Opening new vacancies.
  • Increasing salaries and developing social safeguards.
  • Guaranteeing ecological safety of the produced goods.

The main property of the company is a close-knit and open to new ideas creative team of highly skilled specialists that can respond quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. Anyone, who has ever visited our enterprise, noticed that its team consists of people strongly devoted to their work and proud of their enterprise the same way a good master is proud of his household. "Agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" has all the necessary facilities for production of high quality and competitive goods. The company consistently maintains leading position in the occupied niche of the food market. Every year enterprise increases its production and takes a considerable part in realization of governmental food security program.

The enterprise maintains an individual approach to each client. Your wishes and requirements are important for us that’s why our enterprise constantly raises the level of its service in order to meet our clients’ high requirements. The agricultural complex regularly provides profound researches of food market for further development of its production.

As a result of coordinated teamwork, based on professionalism and advanced technologies, the production of the agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" corresponds to modern trends of the world food market. Anything we produce is tasty, healthy and available for everyone.