Агрокомбинат "Ждановичи" - Свежий урожай с родных полей

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6,500 head of cattle
33 tons of milk daily
High quality dairy products
Ensuring a high milk yield and milk quality due to the experience of staff and the latest equipment

Besides crop husbandry, the enterprise is involved into milk production. The company possesses 10 dairy farms and 6.5 thousand cattle (milking heard – 2.5 thousand). Every day the dairy farms of the agricultural complex ZHDANOVICHY ship about 33 tones of milk to the dairy factories in Minsk. The average annual yield of the farm is 6.5 tons of milk per cow. With the help of the scientists of the Belarusian scientific research center of the cattle-breeding the selective pedigree works are carried on. It’s several years already that such research on breeding cattle with the high genetic potential is conducted. Today the livestock core has the genetic potential of 9 thousand kilos of milk owing to using the sperm of the bulls form the Canadian selection.

The milk farms here are equipped with the last word of the techniques and electronics development. The equipment of the Sweden Company «DeLaval» is preferable. This company is a European leader in producing of the equipment for the milking parlors. The Sweden equipment will allow raising the milk production to the modern civilized level that guarantee the high quality. The best example of modern keeping of livestock on the farm is the diary farm Tabory with 470 cattle. All the operations are controlled by computers that help to calculate an individual diet for each animal according to its physiological needs and productivity. They do not only detect any changes, deviations in the condition of each cow, but also make an accurate diagnosis and suggest the way of treatment. So, it’s not surprising that there are just three milking machine operators working at the farm. The process area consists of three cowsheds: one with dairy unit, one for dry cows and calf shed with maternity pen. In 2006 the milking heard of the agricultural complex consisted of 2200 cows that produced 15 % of milk produced in Minsk district.