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The personal reception of citizens, their representatives, representatives of legal entities by the general director Chuiko Grigory Petrovich is made by appointment every Tuesday from 7.45 am to 08.45 am at the address: ul. Vysheleskogo, 2, Minsk, administrative building of the UE "Agrokombinat" Zhdanovichi ", 2nd floor, conference room.


Pre-registration for a personal reception to the general director of the company is carried out orally by phone + 375 17 508 82 82, in writing or electronically using an electronic message, left on the official site of UE Agrokombinat "Zhdanovichi" in the global computer network Internet akz .by (heading "Personal Reception", section "Electronic appointment appointment with the manager") on working days from 08.00 to 17.00, starting from Monday to Thursday inclusive.


The general director carries out personal reception jointly with the commission, which consists of the following specialists: the chairman of the trade union committee, the head of the economic, cultural and everyday services department, the head of the personnel department, the head of the legal department, the head of the planning and economic service, the chief accountant, the receptionist.


In the event of a temporary absence on the day of a personal reception by the general director of the UE “Agrokombinat“ Zhdanovichi ”, a person receiving his duties conducts a personal reception. If there is a temporary absence on the day of a personal reception of another official who participated in the conduct of a personal reception, a personal reception is carried out by an official who performs his duties.


If a public holiday or a holiday declared by the President of the Republic of Belarus as a non-working day falls on a day of personal reception, the day of personal reception is postponed to the next working day.


In accordance with the norms of Articles 12, 13 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of April 17, 1992 No. 1594-XII “On Veterans”, with subsequent amendments and additions, the disabled and participants of the Great Patriotic War are accepted first.


!!! When applying for a personal reception, you must have identification documents (passport, residence permit). Representatives of applicants must submit documents confirming their credentials. It is also recommended to have answers to previous applications and other documents necessary for consideration of the issue.
    In a personal reception, records for a personal reception, an employee of the company authorized to pre-register for a personal reception, has the right to refuse the applicant on the following grounds:


- appeals on matters not related to the competence of the enterprise;

- appeals on unspecified days and hours;

- when the applicant has already been given an exhaustive answer to his questions during a personal reception;

- when correspondence on the issues outlined in the application has been terminated with the applicant.

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