Агрокомбинат "Ждановичи" - Свежий урожай с родных полей

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  • 1959

    Formation of the company

    The first steps on a long path the country's largest agricultural complex

    The starting point of the history of UE "Agrokombinat " Zhdanovichi " is considered the first in 1959 - the year of establishment in the western suburbs. Minsk District Unitary Enterprise. The close proximity to the city center has predetermined its specialization and further development - milk and vegetable area. The history of our company began January 12, 1959. In the western part of the suburb of Minsk on the basis of the three farms was created farm "Zhdanovichi". The capital, which at the time was badly in need of agricultural production was on the doorstep. A decision on the future of specialization was born by itself - for Minsk started producing milk and vegetables.
  • 1963

    Development of the company

    Organization of profitable businesses

    At the root of the farm were the first of its leaders - I. Larchenko A. Protasiewicz, M. Shkel. A great contribution to the development of a collective farm director put F.Briket, who led the economy from 1963 to 1989. Over 26 years of good governance has become a cost-effective farm management.
    The main advantage of the economy in the sixties was the proximity to the main markets. Transportation costs were minimal, and the products are delivered to market in the shortest possible time.
  • 1975

    The reorganization and modernization

    It's time to become a pace-makers in manufacturing

    However, successful competition was needed unique feature offers from Zhdanovichy. It was then that the farm managers had the idea to diversify the range of produced vegetables. In 1975, the village began construction of the first Kuntsevshchina greenhouses 13 hectares. That same year, the management decided to get away from the usual Soviet standards and changed its name. State Farm has become a "Zhdanovichsky greenhouse complex." The farm has been implemented progressive dispatch service, expanded areas for the cultivation of crops and vegetables intensively developed greenhouses.
  • 1990

    Development of new areas

    The transformation of the company and how it works

    Between 1990 and 1994 the complex was directed by V.Klavsut, in 1994-1998 - by M.Drazhin, and since 1998 up to the present day Chuiko Grigoriy Petrovich.
    Since early nineties the enterprise has sterted the adoption of new technologies such as breeding bumble bees, horticulture, and new types of agriculture production, it has also launched the development of a commodity disribution network. In connection to this in 1996 the farm "Zhdanovichy Greenhouse Complex" was reformed into the agrotrading firm "Zhdanovichy", and in 2000 - into the Unitary Enterprise "Agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy".
  • 2015

    Ensuring food security

    The story continues ...

    Nowadays the Minsk regional unitary enterprise is a modern highly diversified agricultural business and the country's largest supplier of vegetables for the inhabitants of the capital. The high results are achieved due to advanced technologies and high-duty equipment of leading national and European firms.