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22 May
Architectural sign "Stsyag Radzimy"
At the highest point of Belarus - Mount Dzerzhinskaya - a new architectural sign "Stsyag Radzimy" was opened.
 Such a gift was made by the leadership of the district to the residents of Belarus on the eve of the Day of the State Flag,
 Emblem and Anthem.

Mount Dzerzhinskaya is considered the highest point in Belarus. Its peak is 345 m above sea level. 
Previously, it was called the Holy Mountain, in 1958 it was renamed Dzerzhinskaya. In the late 1990s, a granite slab with an inscription in Belarusian
 was installed on the mountain. Today the place is cultivated and is a monument.
The pioneers and activists of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union were also the first guests at the renewed highest point. 
Among the participants of the ceremony were the author of the project, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Belarusian 
National Technical University Armen Sardarov, the master who made the sign,
 a sculptor from Fanipol Vladimir Kanonik and the staff of the RUE Belorusneft-Minoblnefteprodukt, which sponsored the reconstruction of the sign.

Vladimir Kanonik is a metal artist, a member of the Eurasian Art Union, the author of more than 40 metal art objects installed
 throughout Belarus, including an architectural composition on Mount Dzerzhinskaya.