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05 Feb
One thousand tonnes - is not the limit

In harvesting grain and leguminous crops in the Minsk region there were the first combiners-thousanders.

In the agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" they were and Viktor Stelmakh, Mikhail Saladukha.

The names of these masters of the harvest known outside of his native economy. They repeatedly were winners of district, regional and national competitions, were the participants of the Republican festival-fair of workers of village "Dazhinki". This year Viktor and Mikhail did not change their longstanding habit. Since the beginning of the service they were able to fit into the rhythm of the harvest season and have already managed to issue from bunkers combines more than one thousand tons of grain of new harvest.

The winners of the harvest congratulated the representatives of the Department of agriculture and food of Minsk district Executive Committee and district Committee of trade Union of workers of agro-industrial complex. They were presented with letters of gratitude and valuable gifts.