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12 Jun
Work plan of the anti-corruption commission Minsk district unitary enterprise "Agricultural complex" Zhdanovichi " for the year 2019.




Event name



Period of execution




Conducting anti-corruption sessions



Not less than 1 half year and as needed

Kovkhuto V.A.,

Commission Chairman


Conduct explanatory work with heads of structural divisions about the need to increase responsibility in the prevention and detection of corruption offenses, the inadmissibility of using one's official position and related opportunities for personal gain or the benefit of spouses, close relatives or in-laws





Commission members



Consideration at the meeting of the commission of the result of the efficiency of the use of non-residential premises, buildings and structures on the balance sheet of the enterprise; claim work to reduce receivables of tenants of premises, reasonableness of decision making in favor of tenants

July 2019


Petykh N.P. Golodkovskaya T.G. Vaganova T.V.



Ensuring that work is carried out in order to clarify in the collective legislation aimed at strengthening discipline and order, excluding cases of criminal punishable actions related to violation of anti-corruption legislation



Commission Chairman



Monitoring compliance with the requirements for licensed activities in the course of monitoring their activities




Chairman of the commission, members of the commission




Informing employees of the enterprise about the work carried out in the state to combat corruption in society

When visiting labor collectives


Chairman of the commission, members of the commission




Consideration of the appeal of citizens containing facts of corruption in the divisions of the enterprise. Making proposals to prosecute the perpetrators in confirming such facts


Chairman of the commission, members of the commission



Supervision of the organization of admission to work in accordance with the staffing of the enterprise


Chairman of the commission, members of the commission


Ensuring training (advanced training) of workers on programs that include blocks of questions on various aspects of anti-corruption


As needed


Human Resources Department



Interaction with the trade union committee of the enterprise to conduct outreach activities among employees on social policy issues at the enterprise



Commission Chairman


Purchase of goods, works, services in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on procurement



Supply Division, Tender Division




The adoption of measures to full compensation for harm to employees caused to the company in accordance with the requirements of the law.


Legal department



Consider the following questions at the meeting of the commission (with the invitation of the heads of structural divisions - in the directions):


  1. ensuring control over the expenditure of fuel and lubricants and the limits established by law;


  2. monitoring the accuracy of accepted acts of payment for current repairs of buildings, structures, landscaping, cleaning the territory and checking their compliance with the actual work performed;
  3. on compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the conduct of procurement (goods, services)


October 2019



Petrusha A.A. Mezhen E.V.     Vaganova T.V. Yanukovich A.V. Belogurov E.G.   Veremey A.N.


Consideration of the work plan of the commission for 2020


Deсember 2019

Commission members