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08 Apr
Harvesting company


LEADERS OF THE CLEANING CAMPAIGN HOSTED IN THE UE "AGROCOMBINAT" ZHDANOVICHI "OF THE MINSK REGION Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, Mikhail Orda, congratulated the leaders of the harvest. Every year the national trade union center actively participates in the organization of the country's harvesting campaign. On the eve of the hot for farmers, technical labor inspectorate of the FPB conducts large-scale monitoring of the readiness of agricultural enterprises to harvest, and during harvesting monitors compliance with labor protection rules, organization of sanitary conditions for machine operators, providing them with hot meals and clothing. In addition, trade union organizations of all levels are actively involved in honoring the best workers of the country.

Today the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Mikhail Orda, and the Chairman of the Republican Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of the Agro-Industrial Complex, Nikolay Labushev, congratulated the leaders of the agricultural complex “Zhdanovichi”, which is located in Minsk district. They were also given letters of appreciation and valuable gifts.

- This year the harvesting campaign is not the easiest. Due to the weather, farmers have certain difficulties. At the same time, bread for Belarusians has always been very important. That is why the villagers work with incredible dedication - this is evident from the results of their work, - said Mikhail Orda, chairman of the national trade union center, during a visit to the farm.


In confirmation of the words of the FPB leader, the Chairman of the Republican Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of the AIC Nikolay Labushev cited the figures: - Crews who have harvested over 1 thousand tons of grain have more than 50 in the country. In addition, there are such machine operators who have exceeded the 3,000-th line of ground. In the agricultural complex "Zhdanovichi" such indicators have not yet been reached - the harvesting of grain crops has just begun. However, the company has the opportunity to get a good harvest.


- We have very strong machine operators, some of them in the past seasons managed to thresh more than 8 thousand tons of grain. This is an absolute record for the country, - said Grigory Chuiko, Director General of the Minsk District Unitary Enterprise "Zhdanovichi". - At this point, we completely removed the rape, and with good performance. Now we are working in the fields of grain crops and set ourselves the task of harvesting the grown crop without significant losses.