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05 Feb
The agricultural complex "Zhdanovichi" — 55 years

The current Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry of the agroindustrial complex for the team of the Minsk regional unitary enterprise "agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" special. In 2014, the agricultural enterprises was 55 years old.

The company produces not only grain, milk, meat, vegetables, sugar beets, fruits and berries, but also bred bumblebees for pollination of tomatoes and garden, growing beautiful roses. So this year on the holiday of workers, guests and artists were welcomed with flowers, grown with his own hands.

The workers who created the farm in January 1959, and could not imagine that after 55 years the company will achieve such scope. Today on this modern, diversified, large-scale, high-performance farms is known all over the country, and the products under the brand name "agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" for buyers has become synonymous with quality, reliability and environmental safety.

Workers of the enterprise are proud of the fact that the company was repeatedly visited by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Every visit has inspired the team to even higher achievements. With the company "Agrokombinat "Zhdanovichi" the employees associate their future and the future of their children, and it's worth it.