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05 Feb
Bee is not only the sweet honey...

The company "agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy" has passed a seminar-training for district livestock experts on beekeeping.

Director General of municipal unitary enterprise "Barcelonista" Paul Paretsky draws attention to the fact that the production of honey is one of the main directions in beekeeping. The owners of apiaries is also tasked with the effective pollination of crops, and the beekeepers here pristalica also show the example of so many of his colleagues. It is no coincidence that in Minsk region it was decided to hold a regional seminar-study of the district livestock experts on beekeeping.

The participants visited the agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy". Here they became acquainted with the work of greenhouses for growing vegetables and roses, as well as the country's only laboratory for breeding of bumblebees.

These furry creatures are really important for pollination of vegetable crops. If we consider that the agricultural enterprise is a major Belarusian producer of vegetables, "striped assistant" is indispensable for growers.

In the year, the laboratory produces up to 2.5 thousand Bumble-bee families. Provide own need, the rest is implementation. This is one of the articles of revenue, and, note, not the last. So, profitability of sales Bumble-bee families in the past year amounted to about 6 percent. It is not surprising that currently there are building another one the same laboratory, which will bring Bumble business to an even higher level.

As growing rapidly in the cattle and beekeeping. Suffice it to say that if in 2010 there were only 35 bee families, but today there are over 300. Last year, the farm received 2 tons of marketable honey.

Head of Department for the production of Bumble bees, bees and pollination of crops Ivan Klimko stressed that all the achievements were made possible by the support of the General Director of the enterprise Grigory Chuiko. For stalevozov and beekeepers in the economy has created all necessary conditions. The answer to this concern was to reduce the overall costs of production of sweet. So, in our own joiner's workshop established manufacturer of beehives. Here and refused from the purchase of Queen bees, they are taken. The third type of honeycomb in the case of private reserves.

In summarizing the seminar was attended by first Deputy head of the Department of agriculture and food of Minsk district Executive Committee Vladimir Kapustin. He stressed that beekeeping in prestolite is given the same attention as other branches of agricultural production, and this directly affects the positive results in its development.